Restoration & Repair

Adrian Hamers Inc. provides a full restoration service. Accidents, fire and flood can damage traditional pieces from your church. We offer a 100% complete restoration service. Our trained
artisans will restore your treasures: Polishing, Plating, Re-Wiring, Repairing, Repainting, Soldering, Braising, Welding, Casting, and even Stained Glass Repair.

Years of hands on experience allows us to provide superior workmanship in the polishing and restoration of your most valued possessions to extend their life and enhance their beauty. We know how
you treasure your favorite pieces, and we will guarantee their care and security. Our professionally trained staff provides the highest quality cleaning, polishing, and security. All of our work is insured
against damaged or loss articles. Each item is documented and identified upon receipt. We take pride in our work by providing you with the finest quality services.