Museum Gold & Silver

Dear Reverend Patron:

Since 1887 the Hamers name has been synonymous with expert silversmithing and Antique Church Stained Glass Windows 
throughout the world in the field of Liturgical Art. We are also Experts in Tiffany Stained Glass Windows. We Buy and Sell Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Windows and Early American Stained Glass Windows.

We invite you to visit our showrooms to see our exclusive exhibit of sacred vessels and Tiffany Stained Glass Windows. Our models include: Authentic Byzantine, Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Edwardian Styles. These, along with our Contemporary models, make up a unique display. In our work we can incorporate a wide range of finishes such as goldplate, silverplate, copper, bronze, oxidized or antique. We do filigree, hand embossing, hand hammering and specialize in enamel work and hand chasing. We also work with precious and semiprecious stones.

Please come to see our chalices and ciboria. They are for you to examine and admire. You will find magnificent museum reproductions as well as the most modern offerings. We shall be happy to serve you in any way possible. The enclosed furnishings you will find in this catalog show part of our Collections which will give you an idea of the quality and character of our workmanship. In selecting a chalice which is well designed and constructed, you will contribute to both Liturgical Art and the Art of the Silversmith. Our chalices, ciboria and monstrances of today will be Museum pieces of tomorrow.

Our creations have been copied indiscriminately since 1887. The items we make are custom designed and individually made by hand. They are protected by various trademarks and patents. The item is “Hamers” when marked “Hamers”, and we engrave our name on each bottom plate. Insist on this patented name as it is “your guarantee” for years to come.

Our company Lituart Inc. (Liturgical Arts Inc.) is also protected by registered trademarks and is our wholly owned subsidiary.

As our work is individually made by hand, your own designs or personal wishes can by easily fulfilled. If you bring, send or fax us your plans, we shall be happy to assist you. Three generations of the Hamers Family are ready to serve you and warmly welcome your visit or letter. In order to insure our personal and immediate attention, it would be advisable to call us at (914) 834-7780 for an appointment.

Respectfully yours,
Adrian Hamers Inc.

Susan Hamers
Whittier Michael Hamers
Michael Mario Hamers
John Hamers
Samantha Hamers